To all our Customers

This has been a hard decision to make but not one that has been taken lightly. After much thought this weekend and due to the current COVID-19 Outbreak. We are forced to close until further notice.

The Prime Minister and UK Government has urged everyone to obey social distances and avoid non-essential contact. Our Trade will not allow us to reduce social distance or contact so we no other choice but to put our scissors down and turn off our lights for the time being.

For anyone who has appointments coming up, sadly these are no longer available. You will receive contact from us soon to confirm this. We were due to celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary of trading on 28th March but sadly we cant do anything special for you guys. This is certainly not the way I thought we would see in our 5th Year in.

Thank you for everyone who has supported us and continues to support us through this unprecedented time. This is like nothing any of us have ever experienced or witnessed. Be safe and please pay attention to Government advice. Please don't make all these closures of Pubs, Restaurants and Salons and all other companies that could go down for the sake of not wanting to sit at home!! Remember your saving lives!

Keep following us on all Social Media to be kept up to date with our plans and when we're hoping to get back!

Once again. Thank you to all of you out there for your support.. We'll miss you all so much.

Thank you

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